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About Campoo! Point Service

Campoo! offers a Campoo! Point service that can be accumulated and used.

■ How to use

Points can be used by downloading the Campoo! official app (iPhone/Android compatible) and registering as a member. download isherePlease go from

■ Point details

Points can be granted and used under the following conditions.

[Target users]

Those who have registered as a member with the Campoo! official app.

[Grant rule / target amount]

1 point will be awarded for every 100 yen purchased (excluding tax).

When awarding points, decimal points are rounded down.

When using points, the amount to be awarded after deducting the amount of points used will be the target.

[Point use target]

The point is Campoo! Available when purchasing in-store.

*Not available for purchases made at the online shop.

[valid period]

Points are valid until 00:00 on the next day of the following year after they are acquired. However, please note that you can use it only when the store is open.


[When canceling a purchase]

If a purchase that used points is canceled, the points will be returned as points.


[Handover of points]

Points are given to your login ID.

Please note that if you cancel your ID registration or use a different ID, you will not be able to take over the points of your previous ID and use them.


[Point users]

Points can be used for purchases by the member himself/herself.

Points cannot be transferred to other members or exchanged for other point services.


[Remaining point inquiry]

You will be asked to inquire about the number of points you have accumulated by yourself from the app. Please note that we cannot answer at the store.

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